Our interlocked, removable floor systems are ideal for heavy traffic, holding on to strong pressure and torque from car and heavy truck wheels. These removable floors can be used for different applications, such as in garage floors, office spaces, industrial warehouses, gyms and playgrounds. It is ideal for companies that go regularly to trade shows as they can have the flexibility to place the tiles very quickly and remove them after the trade show is over. For these clientes, our removable floors have proved a very good investment as they resist wear and tear much better than other alternatives, such as laminated floors or carpets. Our tiles come in a wide variety of colors, including black, gray, yellow, red, green, beige, blue and orange.
garage floor picture.
As you can see, these tiles are ideal to cover garage floors. Once laid down, these pvc tiles stay put and resist heavy traffic. These tiles are an excellent way of quickly organizing a garage and eliminate the problem of frequent floor maintenance, such as painting. For homeowners, these tiles are an excellent option since floor paints don't last much as they start peeling off after a few months. If you are tire of re-painting your garage floor once or twice a year, then think about this solution that can be permenant, unless you decide to move out and take the tiles with you.
garage floor picture.
Companies with small to large warehouse operations can enjoy of the many benefits of installing pvc floors. Not only these tiles are strong and resistant to wear and tear, but also come in different colors to help identify working areas. If you own a retail store, pvc tiles are also a great option because you can take your floor with you if you move. Portability has been a significant driving factor for our clients who rent or lease their premises. Investing in laminated, hardwood or permanent tile floors is expensive and becomes a waist if you have to move to a different locations. With our removable floors, your purchase is an investment and becomes an asset that you can take with you. This advantage is extremely important for small-business owners who have limited resources and are likely to trade up retail square footage.
garage floor picture.
With our removable tiles, easy really means easy when talking about installation. Within minutes, you can cover an entire area without any particular skills or tools. For speed, you can place the tile with the help of a rubber hammer as shown in the picture above. A 20-foot by 20-foot area can be set in about 2 hours or less with little effort. Once placed, these tiles stay put. The simple locking mechanism is very strong, preventing any movement. No glue or special adhesive is necessary!
garage floor picture.
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