PGT WinGuard® product line was designed to the meet the highest standards, complying with Florida's most stringent code requirements for wind-borne debris protection. WinGuard® line of impact doors features beautiful French and sliding glass doors that provide a number of design options to integrate indoor with outdoor entertaiment areas while offering hurricane protection. For example, our different size configurations in our impact-resistant sliding glass doors will provide you with new ways of bringing freedom and additional lighting to your floor layout. We feature impact sliding glass doors that can cover an up to 24-foot-wide openings! With this size of an opening, you have the flexibility to completely integrate two seperate areas when entertaining guests. Equally important, this configuration can completely improve the lighting exposure in the house.

WinGuard® Single-Hung Window (SH700)
PGT WinGuard impact single hung sh700
Standard Sizes [ 294 KB ]
WinGuard® Horizontal Roller (HR710)
PGT WinGuard impact horizontal roller hr710
Standard Sizes [ 296 KB ]
WinGuard® Single Casement (CA740)
PGT WinGuard impact single casement ca740
Standard Sizes [ 316 KB ]
WinGuard® Double French Door (FD101)
PGT WinGuard impact french door FD101
Standard Sizes [ 298 KB ]

General Product Information
PGT FD101 impact-resistant door could be single or double (shown above). The maximum width that these doors can fill up is 37 inches for the single version and 72 inches for the double panel option. Both options can have fixed panels to the side called "side lites." The maximum width for side lites are 37 inches. These doors come in two standard height sizes: 80 and 96 inches. PGT can build custom sizes if needed. However, the maximum height tested and approved for Miami-Dade County in 96 inches.

The FD101 features standard hardware, that is, standard lever and deadbolt which can be purchased at your local hardware store, including Home Depot, Lowes or Expo Design. We can sell you the hardware, but it is optional so you have more options at large hardware stores. If you decide to purchase your hardware independently, we can install it for you at no additional cost if you have the set available for us when we install the doors.
WinGuard® Double French Door (FD750)
Full Jambs Side Lites
PGT WinGuard impact french door FD750

General Product Information
PGT FD750 features an elegant design, hiding the hinges and showing more aluminum profile. As you can from the diagram above, the door panels have a taller bottom rail which makes look very classic and elegant. Unlike the FD101, the FD750 comes in aluminum woodgrain finishes in addition to white, bronze and gray. Please visit our warehouse to see the woodgrain finishes which offer great appereance with the whether-resistant advantages of the aluminum framing.

The FD750 features beautiful European-style hardware. This hardware is less commonly found in local hardware stores. The hardware set comes with a three-point lock mechanism that does not need a two-piece lever and deadbolt assembly.
WinGuard® Double French Door (FD750)
Narrow Jambs Side Lites
PGT WinGuard impact french door FD750
WinGuard® Sliding Glass Door (SGD730)
PGT WinGuard impact sliding glass door 730
Standard Sizes [ 298 KB ]
WinGuard® Sliding Glass Door (SGD780)
PGT WinGuard impact sliding glass door 780
WinGuard® Sliding Glass Door Corner Joint(SGD780)
PGT WinGuard impact sliding glass door 780
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